Course curriculum

  • 1

    Definition, global context and international sustainability frameworks

    • ABC of Sustainability

    • What’s sustainability?

    • Other meanings of sustainability

    • Sustainability vis-à-vis the five current crises

    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

    • Major challenges

    • Another way of viewing the SDGs

    • How did the Paris Agreement come about?

  • 2

    Actors of change, environment and climate change

    • The Stakeholder Radar

    • The Tragedy of the Commons

    • Human exploitation and the effects of climate change

    • Energy use and the energy transition

    • Water and agriculture: Two interrelated systems

    • A brief introduction to environmental policies

    • Terrestrial ecosystems: why are they important?

    • Marine ecosystems: why are they important?

  • 3

    Inclusive economic growth, sustainability and sustainable finance

    • The economic and social context

    • Population growth

    • Human rights and equality

    • The role of finance in sustainable development

  • 4

    Sustainability measurement and reporting

    • Tools for measuring sustainability

    • Measuring what really matters

    • What have you learned?