Course curriculum

  • 1

    Master Managing Burnout and Stress Management

  • 2

    Technology for Managing Stress and Burnout

    • 9.The Magic Button for Turning Off Stress and Burnout

    • 10.More Tips On Keeping Your Phone From Ruining Your Life

  • 3

    Create a Strong Body for Fighting Stress

    • 11.Reduce The Stress on Your Body

    • 12.The More You Move, the Less You Stress

    • 13.More Sleep Equals Less Stress

    • 14.Sleep for Stress Reduction Part 2

    • 15.Fully Rested Stress Management Techniques

  • 4

    Tips for Reducing Stress and Burn out

    • 16.Improve Your Relationships, Reduce Your Stress

    • 17.Laughter...the Great Stress Reliever

    • 18.Managing Your Financial Stress the Right Way

    • 19.Reduce Financial Stress By Boosting Income

    • 20.Reduce Stress By Limiting Your News Consumption to 20 Minutes Per Day

    • 21.Never Watch TV News If You Want to Reduce Stress In Your Life

    • 22.Positive Growth Reduces Stress

    • 23.There Are No Stressed 5-year-olds In Finger-painting Class

  • 5

    Workday Tips for Managing Stress

    • 24.Do Just ONE Thing At a Time

    • 25.You Want and Need More Managing Burnout

    • 26.Make Sure Your Down Time Doesn-t Bring You Down

    • 27.Social Media Should Be Called Stress-Creation Media

    • 28.Vacations Are Not a Luxury, They Are a Necessity for Stress Management

    • 29.You Deserve More

  • 6

    Manager Strategy for employee burnout reduction

    • 30.You Can Prevent Employees from Burnout

    • 31.Reducing Stress Costs Less Than Employee Turnover

    • 32.It-s Time to Require Vacations

    • 33.Paint a Vision of the Future for Each Employee

    • 34.Nothing Creates Stress Like Lack of Appreciation

  • 7


    • 35.You Need Real Leisure, Not Just More Screen Time

    • 36.Conclusion to this Stress Management Course